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Brake Repair Service in Long Island, NY

When driving your car around the New York area, you may feel the car shaking or noise when applying pressure to the brakes. If so, it might be time to get your brakes replaced. Repairing brakes is a necessity of routine maintenance but usually overlooked by the average person. Make sure your brakes are in top form by receiving brake service with Rallye Motor company today. Bring your vehicle to one of our Rallye Motor service centers, and have our expert brake service technicians properly assist you and your car.

How To Tell If You Need New Brakes

  1. You hear unusual sounds when braking
  2. The car pulls to one side when braking
  3. Vibration of the steering wheel of the brake pedal when applying brakes
  4. The Anti-Lock Brake system (ABS) warning light comes on

Rallye Motor Brake Service

If you’re looking for break services near you in New York, the Rallye Motor Company has you covered. At one of the Rallye Motor service locations, we provide a variety of auto brake services such as brake inspections, repairs, and replacements. Whether you need to have your brakes bled, a new set of brake pads or an entirely new brake kit, our skilled brake specialists at Rallye Motor Company are here to help.

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